14 boys were raped by fake pastor

A 30-year-old man who identifies as a pastor in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo reportedly raped 14 boys and left them “in a state of psychological turmoil and misery.”

This was reported to News Agency by the Panzi Foundation charity hospital in Bukavu City on Tuesday, May 12, adding that the children were admitted last month when the pastor was being held.

Civil activist Julien Namegabe told news agency that the 30-year-old suspected attacker was arrested late April.

The victims came from different families and aged between eight and fifteen years old.

According to the Panzi Foundation the accused “bought their silence with small gifts for several weeks.”

Evariste Kajibwami, a clinical psychologist who has been monitoring the boys since they were admitted to the hospital, said they “presented a mixture of grief, anxiety and guilt” on the foundation website.

The foundation has said that it will assist the victims “until justice is served.”

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