How to make a girl fall in love with you. 5 simple steps

If you want to get a girl you like back or just a drive to turn up your charm offensive so that ladies can continue to fall in love with you, here are five laws that are completely worth trying to do.

1. Get a life

This is like, basically, the foundation for beginning a great relationship, and will give you the beginning point to make her like you. When you want to get into a relationship or make a girl like you and have a dull, uninteresting life, your job is nearly five times harder.

If, on the other hand, you value your own personal life, the girls would flock.

You deserve to get your own life by focusing on yourself, getting better in your job and career and other interests or talents that you have to be genuinely attractive.

2. Laughter works

That’s a very cool tip. You may think you ‘re not funny but if they try, the fact is that everyone can be funny. You have to get used to the awkwardness of saying an unfunny joke so you have the courage to say more jokes around people.

The more you say the better you are going to get. Girls love to laugh and the more you can make them laugh, the higher you’ll appear to be in the social chain.

3. Be friends

Look for friendship, but at some later time the long-term [or even short-term] intention is to enter into a deeper relationship.

If you can just be a nice person, quick to gist and joke with, and just be great with them, you will win and score big points with women.

4. Intimate details

Tell her about you a secret, something personal which not many people know.

This will open the door to confidence and she will note, when you tell her stuff about you, that you confidence her, which in effect will make her trust you more.
It will make her feel that way too, so precious to you and you can hardly go wrong with it.

It is recommended that you tell her secrets that you would be ok if other people knew just in case she tells someone, but make sure they ‘re personal, and they’d be considered a secret.

5. Your attention

It’s one of the most valuable things you can give a girl, in a world where your attention can go anywhere. If you like her, watch her out. And do not just restrict that to a few minutes. Look at her in the eyes as she talks to you and take mental note of all the things she is thinking about.

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