In states, corpers produce hand washing machines

In states, corpers produce hand washing machines

As part of their contributions to ongoing efforts to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic nationally, members of the National Youth Service Corps have provided hand-held washing machines in Kano, Oyo and Kwara states.

The NYSC said on Monday that Mr Abdullahi Sani, a member of the corps serving in Kano, manufactured an automated hand-washing machine that dispensed water and liquid soap while a group of members of the corps in Oyo also created a hand-washing machine.

The members of the corps are Adeyanju Adeyemi, Victor Afolabi and Victor Ogunmoye.

The NYSC also noted that two members of the corps, Abdulsalam Abubakar and Obiefuna Ebuka, had installed a dual-faced hand-washing dispenser in Kwara.

In a press release issued by a press officer , Mr. Christopher Lot, the NYSC added that corps members in the states of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Gombe and Delta had been requested by the respective state governments to “produce face masks in large quantities to meet people’s increasing demand.”

The struggle against COVID-19 has taken on a new dimension in Nigeria, as confirmed cases of community infections have been swinging upward across states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“The NYSC leaders were at the forefront of the national effort to stem the tide of the pandemic in response to this crucial challenge raised by the scourge which has decimated scores of lives in Nigeria.

“A group of corps members in Oyo State produced a hand-washing machine for the same purpose. Two corps members installed a dual-faced hand-washing dispenser in Kwara State.

“It is important to note that leaders of the corps in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Gombe and Delta States have been requested by their respective governments to mass-produce face masks to meet people’s growing demand.

“In other federation states, multiple activities by members of the corps, customized to the fight are underway, ranging from manufacturing and donation of hand sanitizers, liquid soap, face masks to strategic advocacy visits.”

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