Nigerian student becomes first black top student at US top school with 5.6 GPA

Nigerian student becomes first black top student at US top school with 5.6 GPA

At South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida, a Nigerian known as Timi Adelakun made history for becoming the first black valedictorian in the school and for having a 5.6 GPA – the highest ever in the school’s history.

Reacting to the feat Adelakun said that making history in the school is a positive thing. He expressed gratitude to the school which academically supported him, reports Black News.

Timi said:

“I’ve been taking over 20 college courses worth of credit, and because of that, my AP credits, my Ace credits, and my dual enrollment credits boost my GPA.”

“I’m going to attend Pomona College. The school gave me a full scholarship, so if I go there it’s covered for. I chose that school ’cause it’s liberal arts, and I’m able to double major. I’m doing molecular biology and theatre.”

Eight colleges, including the University of Miami, Columbia University, Julliard, UCLA, Southern California University, Berkeley, Chicago University, and Pomona College, offered admission to the young boy.

The information happened during a recent high school graduation ceremony in New Jersey

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