Social Media Most Popular Coffin Dance' Pallbearer Picks Ronaldinho As The Footballer He Would Like to Carry To Their Grave

Social Media Most Popular Coffin Dance’ Pallbearer Picks Ronaldinho As The Footballer He Would Like to Carry To Their Grave

The man behind one of the most famous viral videos of 2020 also spoke of his lifelong hatred for Luis Suarez, despite being a fan of Barcelona

The man behind the viral ‘dancing pallbearers’ video, Benjamin Aidoo, says he’d be proud to ‘take Ronaldinho to his final home.’

In 2007, Aidoo founded Nana Otafrija Pallbearing and Waiting Services in Accra with the intention of bringing some joy to the funeral service by celebrating the deceased’s life with music and dance.

“Some people no longer want to cry.” someone does, but whether they want to cry or not, we make them happy, thanks to what we do, we make them happy.

The business has now become famous outside Ghana and around the world, with one video of its service gaining fame in social media in particular.

A Barcelona and Chelsea fan, Aidoo was jokingly asked which footballer he would most like to take to his grave.

“Of course I wish them a long life, but if I had the chance, I dream I would drive Ronaldinho to his last home! “And he said. “Maradona, and Messi. Ronaldinho is a player who always made an impact on me.

“It will be a tribute from the dancer that I am to the dancer that he has been in the arena.” Aidoo’s footballing allegiance has some tension.

He admits as a Barca fan that it’s hard to celebrate Luis Suarez’s success – the man who helped dump Ghana out of the 2010 World Cup with his last handball on the line to deny a certain goal.

“I am divided. I felt terrible. I feel that bad,’ he said. “Whenever I see this guy, I feel sad even when I hear his name, Suarez.

“Because a hand from Suarez made my country return home without being able to play in the semi-finals, which was awful.

“As for Suarez, we have a saying here. Suarez name means that which is unlikely. If you try to do something, or go somewhere and there’s Suarez, that means you’re not going to succeed. When there is something you really like and there’s Suarez, you will never hit it.

Asamoah Gyan, Ghana’s top appearance-maker and career goalscorer, infamously missed the resulting penalty from Suarez’ handball. Despite his many successes, Aidoo says many have yet to forgive him.

“No, no, they have not pardoned him yet,” he said. “You know Ghanaians are not forgiving.

“The day the penalty was missed, some Ghanaians went to his mother’s home, threatening her. His failure after that had repercussions on the health of her mother, it was truly sad.

“So his mother instructed Asamoah that he would never again take a penalty in his life. That’s why you’re never going to see Asamoah wagging a penalty again. Since he has vowed never again to risk it, and now that his mother is 80 years old, I think he is fulfilling his wish, never again to take a penalty for Ghana.’

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