The UK govt says Premier League may resume next month

The UK govt says Premier League may resume next month

According to the government guidelines published on Monday, the English Premier league (EPL) may resume from June 1 , but could be start behind doors, premier leagues hopes of completing their season.

The strategy for escaping the coronavirus lockdown by the government sets out the conditions in which various activities should be carried out safely.

Step two of the process, which can not begin earlier than June 1, involves “allowing cultural and sporting activities to be held behind closed doors for broadcast, while reducing the possibility of social interaction on a large scale.”

Events can only be allowed if there is adequate progress in controlling the spread of the virus from now to then.

It seems that fans in the UK are facing a long wait to watch matches, with guidelines acknowledging a return to sport in front of a crowd “only considerably later can it be feasible based on the reduction in infection numbers.”

Sport activities involving foreign travel, such as European football championships, cricket tours and Formula One, may be affected by the proposed implementation by the government of an imposed 14-day quarantine period for arrivals to the United Kingdom, except for those from countries ‘on a short list of exemptions’

Premier League clubs are meeting Monday to continue their “Restart Project” discussions. No earlier than the week beginning June 8, the English top-flight had scheduled a return to play.

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