Things To Know About Leadership – By Oluwasemilore Akeju p.k.a Comr.Akeju-{2k19}

Whilst growing up, we were told that youth are the leaders of tomorrow but judging from the reality on ground we would know it almost unlikely, if not impossible for youth to be the leaders of tomorrow let alone being a leader at all.

In other for us to be a leader at all we must first change our perspectives about leadership.

Things we need to know about leadership

  1. You are destined to lead the future now, therefore, prepare to lead! Leaders inspire and influence others to think, see, talk and do great things individually and corporately
  2. The next ten years will be very significant in your leadership evolution therefore, stop waiting to lead in the future, start leading the future now!
  3. Self-leadership is the foundation for effective leadership and lasting influence therefore, in order to lead others, you must first lead yourself.
  4. Until you clearly define where you are going to, and embark on the journey, no serious minded person will step out to follow you.
  5. As you prepare to lead, prepare to serve because, significant leaders don’t seek to rule, they just seek for opportunities to serve other people.
  6. Do you want lead and be remembered long after you are gone? Practice servant leadership; focus on serving the highest priority needs of other people.
  7. Great servant leaders help those that they serve to unleash their hidden potentials and fulfill their individual or corporate destinies


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